As there are plenty of specific protocols for library preparation and Next Generation Sequencing available we do not provide a complete summary of costs calculations on the website. Therefore, this is just a brief overview for the most requested protocols. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information and current cost estimations for your sequencing project.

3’-mRNA Expression profiling

The optimal solution for identifying genes that are differentially expressed between samples.

Calculated costs*

Library preparation**


Price per sample

Standard, 6-10 samples

Ion Torrent

€370 - €260

Standard, 10-30 samples

Ion Torrent/Illumina***

€260 - €185

Standard, >30 samples


€185 - €150

Low-input, 6-10 samples

Ion Torrent

€385 - €275

Low-input, 10-30 samples

Ion Torrent/Illumina***

€275 - €200

Low-input, >30 samples


€200 - €165

FFPE, 6-10 samples

Ion Torrent

€380 - €270

FFPE, 10-30 samples

Ion Torrent/Illumina***

€270 - €195

FFPE, >30 samples


€195 - €160

*For external users, please expect a 10% overhead

** Library preparation is performed with the inclusion of internal standards (SIRVs or ERCC mixes).

***Optional, but be aware that more total reads are needed from Illumina sequencing to achieve a number of mapped reads equal to those obtained from Ion Torrent generated data.


Sample quality criteria

To ensure optimal library construction RNA samples must be DNAse treated, dissolved in nuclease free water or low TE buffer, and have an OD260/280>1.8. The integrity of the RNA is at best when the RNA Integrity Number (RIN) exceeds 8.5.  Most importantly, for samples to be directly compared, the RINs should deviate no more than on unit between samples.

For FFPE-derived RNA, any input integrity is allowed.


The core offers help in assessing and meeting quality criteria

RNA integrity measurement

€ 10 per sample

Standard sample Clean-up

€ 10 per sample

Clean-up to remove melanin or globins

€ 10 per sample




Under construction:

Small-RNA seq

Whole Exome-seq